Thursday, October 26, 2017

Indonesia's IP deployment and development

An interesting analysis of Indonesia’s IP position was put forward by in September. WIPO puts forward a classic developing market situation then applied it to Indonesia.  Their analysis is broadly as follows:

General emerging market theme
Indonesia position
Low patent filings at home; patents by non-residents
Indonesia’s patent landscape is dominated by foreign applicants
When R&D or IP occures it is dominated by public sector
LIPI and a few universities dominate, few private sector applicants (pharma company Dexa and Wirya Innovasi - digital tech developer are top local PCT patentees in 2015); Indonesia has a low base of domestic inventions.
Some reliance on utility models, designs
More local applicants, especially in designs (packaging and apparel dominate) – but still highest in SEA region
More reliant on trademarks, but mostly only national reach
Many trademarks are filed by local traders – a majority in fact (previous OECD research agreed on this); few foreign TMs filed
At times important notable copyright sector
Indonesia has a strong music and film industry; with strong copyright industry associations. 
Large portions of economy not using the IP system
Limited manufacturing base, historic commodity focus of the economy, limited technology development by private sector

Indonesia proposes to develop a National IP strategy - see here. A lot can be learnt from the above analysis on what to focus on.

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