Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fake cops in Manila

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The Philippines National Police are facing a problem of fake uniforms. Criminal have apparently been passing themselves off as police, especially by using fake badges and insignia. 
Now the PNP chief has issued a circular directing their units to take more care and control the circulation of uniforms, badges and the like. There is already an executive order from 2000 prohibiting the manufacture sale and distribution of fake police uniforms and badges. The military have also joined the debate issuing a statement last week too. Republic Act 493 prohibits civilians from wearing, using, manufacturing, and selling military uniforms, insignia, medals, and badges prescribed only for soldiers and policemen.  They also pointed out that the IP Code allows them to take action. 
At least they realise they can use the trademark and unfair competition laws to stop this (regardless of special regulations, circulars etc). After all they enforce the criminal aspects of these IP laws. Or maybe they are not confident in their own enforcement of the IP laws to protect their own IP!  

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