Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Attacking online advertising networks that support infringing websites

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Operation Creative is a UK initiative to disrupt infringing websites. It brings together the advertising industry and IP holders who identify and report IP infringing websites. Once verified, the site owner is contacted, and if they don’t act, then either the site may be suspended or if it cannot be then it is added to the Infringing Website List (IWL). The aim of the IWL is that advertisers, agencies and other intermediaries can voluntarily decide to cease advert placement on these illegal websites which in turn disrupts the sites’ advertising revenue.

The process has been rolled out in several other countries. The Hong Kong IWL was launched last Dec 2016. Recently they launched the same program in Vietnam and Malaysia last month. As of this month, their HK list only has 14 websites listed so far.

Now Indonesian industry, led by the the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) and a variety of local and international copyright holders have joined together to launch the same thing in Indonesia. Bekraf and local copyright organizations like Aprofi and Asiri would normally identify piracy websites and report them to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to get them blocked.  The latest issue of MPA Asia-Pacific Reporter revealed that 260 copyright-infringing websites for films and television shows have been blocked since 2015. The number is higher for music, but it is not yet an effective measure to combat online piracy. It also doesn't solve repetitive infringers and doesn't deal with the underlying financial benefit from advertising revenues.


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