Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Domestic patenting in the Philippines

Attempts by the Philippines IP Office to encourage local innovation seem to be paying off. The Patent Protection Incentive Package (PPIP), a project of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines targets higher education institutions (HEIs), to encourage them to file more patents.

The University of Southeastern Philippines (USP) in Davao City, leads the pack of local patent filers. It filed 34 patent applications through the PPIP as of November 2014. It is followed by the University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu City with 15 filings. Adamson University in Manila filed 8 patent applications, while Bicol University and Philippine Rice Research Institute filed 6 and 5 patent applications respectively.

These HEIs are part of the network of Innovation and Technology Support Offices (ITSOs) which are provided with specific onsite patent libraries, resources and support as well as fee waivers for patent office fees. Prior to the introduction of the PPIP, Philippines inventors filed only a handful of patents per year.

Of the top PPIP filers, USC is also the first of ITSOs that had a successful technology commercialization project with its mango peelings technology.

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