Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thailand IP law and IP department updates

Life in Thailand after the military takeover in May has largely returned to normal. Thailand’s new military government has been very active since it took office officially in September.

There have been numerous amendments to the IP laws. The Copyright Act is to have new provisions on enforcement and technology issues. The Trademarks Act expands trademark protection to non traditional marks and multiclass applications as well as implementing Madrid in Thailand. The Trade Secrets Act sets out amendments to the operation of the Trade Secrets Board. All these are due to be enacted soon. 

The DIP has new Director General, Ms. Malee Choklumlert. She will focus on reducing the backlog of trademark patent and design applications as well as improving pendency generally especially through recruitment of more patent examiners.

Thailand is very focused on its obligations under the proposed ASEAN Economic Community and joining Madrid is a good example of that.  

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