Thursday, September 27, 2012

Generics in Thailand

Pfizer's sildenafil citrate patents have expired in Thailand and the first generic Viagra copy has hit the market. The Thai Food and Drug Administration has approved a generic version of Pfizer's famous anti-impotence drug for sale after 1 October. It is made by the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation and will sell at 10% of the cost of VIAGRA.

The generic Thai product is a diamond-shaped blue pill named SIDEGRA.  They have adopted a name which evokes VIAGRA and used a similar coloured and shaped pill.

The FDA have used an interesting angle in justifying the product "This measure will solve widespread production of fake drugs by increasing accessibility to the legal version," FDA secretary general Pipat Yingseree said in a statement.

This medicine sells widely in Thailand although on only prescription; however many fakes are on sale on the street. Pfizer cannot object to the generic, but its name and shape and colour could have been a little more different.

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