Monday, October 1, 2012

Cigarette plain packaging and Indonesia

The plain packaging attack on the cigarette industry has moved to the WTO. It began when Australia banned cigarrette companies from using any stylization such as brands on packs. 
Ukraine then filed a WTO complaint against Australia for banning cigarette companies from using any branding on cigarettes. Various countries have filed papers in support and one of them is Indonesia, because Indonesia has a massive domestic cigarette industry. The case has now reached the stage where a dispute resolution panel has been formed and they will hear the case.

Interestingly Indonesia has made some tentative moves on cigarette trademarks to attack the use of descriptors like MILD and LIGHT - see here - so is now in the position of having both pro and anti cigarette elements in government.  

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  1. What about if someone uses a lighter on board? I am just off a Lufthansa flight from Washington DC to Frankfurt in which a passenger used his lighter to search for something he'd lost on his seat. He was an elderly man, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway, the stewards did not take the lighter off the man. They just told him to use the light provided instead of his lighter.