Sunday, January 22, 2012

IP organisations in emerging ASEAN markets - Indonesia

Following previous posts on industry IP groups in Thailand here and Vietnam, here Indonesia's organisations devoted to IP are as follows.

In Indonesia the principal private organization for IP holders is the Indonesian Anti Counterfeiting Society or MIAP (which was modeled on China’s QBPC). It’s members are mainly MNCs and although its remit goes beyond pure anti counterfeiting into general IP issues, it is an active lobbyist for greater IP protection and works closely with the IP office. See here for example of their work.

Several IP attorney associations exist too including the Indonesian Intellectual Property Society (IIPS), chaired by IP Komodo's very good friend Gunawan Suryomurcito and the IP Consultants Association, chaired by another IP komodo friend Justi Wirakusumah. These two tend to provide expertise for the government to rely on for drafting new laws, as well as engaging in training programs and policy related matters. The Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) has a local chapter as it does in most countries.


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