Thursday, December 8, 2011

Facebook takes on Indonesia GUI infringer

Facebook has clashed with an Indonesian blogger Ainun Nazieb, who has created Facebook inspired blog themes. Initially for his own use, he later offered them for free download. His 'Smells Like Facebook' Wordpress blog layouts are in his own words 'Facebook clones' of Facebook user pages. Trust a blogger to admit liability in public!

Facebook's lawyers wrote a letter to Nazieb and he ceased offering the downloads. Of course the blogosphere quickly started chatting about the issue, ending to widespread discussion and news reports. Business Software Alliance lawyers quickly appeared in the news explaining that this was a copyright infringement in the typographical arrangement, layout, drawings, photos and other works. IP Komodo hasn't seen the layouts so cannot confirm how closely they copy Facebooks graphic user interface (GUI).

Indonesia is the second largest Facebook user country in the world after the US so this does matter to Facebook. IP Komodo could snatch many a teen for his lunch because they all walk around Jakarta obliviously staring at their smartphone screens instead of watching for predatory lizards!

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