Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thailand looks to China for IP policies

Thailand’s the Nation newspaper has a column today about China’s "indigenous innovation" policy which seeks to reduce its dependence on foreign technology and boost the local tech industry. Read more on this at cousin IP Dragon here.

Some of the policy in China was seen as bullying foreigners into tech transfer, JVs etc. But it is getting more familiar to business now and although anxieties remain, it is largely accepted that China needs to do this to escape the low cost manufacturing label.

The Nation article reports how Thailand can learn from this to prioritize local innovation. Thailand has world-class science skills in areas like robotics and cybernetics but few local businesses lead the fields. An integrated government policy that delivers operational and financial incentives for companies alongside encouragement to colleges and universities develop the specialist courses is what they are asking for, much like China is doing.

IP Komodo is always impressed by how far ahead of SE Asian neighbors Thailand often is at tech focused IP thinking. This is exactly why it files more US patents than say Philippines or Indonesia. 

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