Sunday, December 10, 2017

Philippines copyright civil damages

A substantial civil copyright damages award has been made in the Manila Regional Trial Court. The case arose when a Filipino educational publisher St. Mary's Publishing Corp. brought a case for copyright infringement. Against Chinese company Fujian New Technology Color Making and Printing Company Limited and its Filipino distributors MY Intercontinental Trading Corporation together with its owner Tedwin T. Uy, and Allianz Marketing and Publishing Corporation. Textbooks printed in China and them sold by the local distributors to the Department of Education in Zamboanga province for use in several municipalities. 
The Manila court ordered the defendants to cease infringement and ordered them to pay P24.7 million (nearly USD500,000) in damages to a Filipino publisher after being found guilty of copyright infringement. The calculation included actual damages, moral damages, exemplary damages, attorney's fees, and costs of the suit.

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