Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Indonesia and Madrid implementation

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Indonesia expects to be ready to be designated as a Madrid country as well as as accepting filings as a country of origin in January 2018. Further Implementing Regulations are expected in late December.  The IP office has established a Madrid Unit Team of 20 officials which has been receiving training on Madrid.

Indonesia will be adopting an 18-month deadline to examine the application and to notify the IB of any provisional refusal. Oppositions raised by third parties may be notified even after the 18-month time limit. Substantive examination will be processed according to the new Trademark law, so the same treatment as national applications.

At the moment the TMO is examining applications filed in October 2016 (a 13 month backlog). They say they expect to start examining applications filed under the new law in the next 2-3 months. The new Trademarks law came into effect in November 2016. That means Madrid and national applications should all be examined within the 18 period which will be a significant improvement on previous years.

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