Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jakarta IP Court improvements and move

Indonesia's Jakarta District Court's Commercial Court hears most IP cases. Below is the latest reported case data. Most foreign IP cases are heard there. Of the nearly 100 cases per year the vast majority are trademark related - most are cancellation or non use deletion actions. The number of cases outside Jakarta is starting to rise, with 9 cases in 2015 in Surabaya and 2 each in Medan and Semarang.

Trademark cases64927576
Patent cases2163
Copyright cases8435
Total IP cases74978484
The number of appeals is rising, last year 47 cases were appealed to the Supreme Court - around half of all the IP decisions. A second appeal is possible but much harder; in 2015 only 14 went to second appeal.
The Central Jakarta District Court recently moved from an older building into nice new premises (see picture).  Users say it is much more modern. All the district courts are putting in place an online database of pending cases, so you can see the case details, hearing times, even find documents. Still there is no sign that judgments will be published sadly (probably the single biggest weakness in the IP litigation system). The Central Jakarta Court's IT system seems to be less well updated than South Jakarta District Court's, but there is some progress. And everyone agrees that the new building's air conditioning is a joy compared to the old building - waiting for the judge is no longer a hot problem!

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