Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Civil copyright litigation continues to grow in Vietnam

The tradition of filing civil copyright litigation in Vietnam continues - see here for previous cases.  The latest is the famous Dale Carnegie performance-based training organization.

Last week Dale Carnegie Vietnam organized a press conference at its school. It announced the filing of a copyright piracy case in February in the Ho Chi Minh City Peoples' Court against a prevous trainer at the school called Hieu. He had been found using the school’s copyrighted training curriculum for his own private business after he left. He had been given the materials only for teaching the school’s students or partners. However Hiew made the mistake of soliciting Dale Carnegie’s clients to his private school. He even undertook at one point to cease this, but did not. So Dale Carnegie Vietnam decided to sue Hieu for copyrght piracy.

The case follows well trodden path of copyright cases and should bode well for those contemplating civil litigation for IP violation in Vietnam.

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