Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vietnam's Phu Quoc Fish Sauce GI under threat

One of the golden rules of geographic indications (GI) is that the production of the article must follow the GI's rules.  A GI is a certification that the product possesses particular qualities, is made under certain (often traditional) methods, and enjoys a reputation, due to its geographical origin, Vietnam's most famous GI is Phu Quoc fish sauce protected as a GI since 2001. Phu Quoc is the IP Komodo's favourite offshore island in southern Vietnam.
Tuoi Tre News reports that many producers have failed to meet the GI rules because their product gets bottled in Ho Chi Minh City. Meanwhile island-bottled sauce has exceeded standards for the maximum level of histamine permitted.  They also report that overfishing of the anchovy has led to producers acquiring some fish on the open market which have been treated differently.
GIs have to be properly managed to maintain their exclusivity and so keep their protection.  It would be a shame if one of Asia's finest ones fails.

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