Monday, March 19, 2012

Social media and IP in Indonesia

"A Nation smitten by Social Media" wrote the FT last week about Indonesia.  Indonesia is the 3rd largest Facebook country in the world (India knocked only it from 2nd place in 2011). A film with a plot revolving around Twitter was released. And Rovio held the global launch of its Angry Birds Facebook site in Jakarta.

Indonesia embraced Blackberrys very early and its now one of their major markets. The lack of PC penetration is negated by the prevalence of smartphones aorund Indonesia. So business and consumers are leapfrogging the world of search engines in favour of mobile. Social media is rapidly becoming the primary marketing conduit to many consumers. Virtual currencies like the one offered by Mig33 from Singapore enable online transactions.

As a result there is a social media gold rush on. IP holders are staking claims through Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and by issuing apps. Brand licensing, software ownership and proper brand use guidelines are vital to IP security. Indonesia does not have a robust IP system so careful IP planning is required.

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