Monday, March 5, 2012

SE Asia - another perspective on relative IP protection

Property Rights Alliance
Hernando de Soto is an economist from Peru, well known for his economic theories on how countries can unlock value in their economies by freeing up assets for their population. His main theory is that the legalisation of land ownership and use enables mortgages to be obtained and capital released for use in the economy. Now an organisation affiliated with him, the Property Rights Alliance has produced an index of countries based on strenth of property rights. But most interesting for the IP industry, it has factored in IPR protection. The full report is here. Again the theory is that developing countries are weak at identifying and protecting priovate property, which means large swathes of assets are unavailable for expoitation and the economy artifically restrained.

IP Komodo, ever keen to see how countries are viewed in terms of IPR protection took a look at the ASEAN countries in the report which feature as follows in the list of 128 market surveyed, ranked in order of IPR protection:

4 Singapore
40 Malaysia
(51 India)
75 Philippines
86 Thailand
98 Indonesia
108 Vietnam
(China is not included)

You could argue a little about the placement of the countries but not a lot. Based on IP Komodo's experience around the region, he is impressed by the accuracy of the research.

It also raises the wider question, if ASEAN countries were better at IP protection, would their economies develop faster and more efficiently as Mr De Soto has long suggested is the case with real property?

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