Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anti counterfeiting in Indonesia

Several newspaper reports last week about an anti-counterfeiting raid in Jakarta shed light on the difficulties of IP enforcement in Indonesia. SKF a ball bearing manufacturer seized large quantities of industrial bearings of varying sizes (the largest as big as footballs...).  First the items indicate the breadth and diversity of fake goods in a booming economy. Fake goods is not just about handbags, but all kinds of goods even industrial ocmponents. It is unclear if these were locally made or imported from China (more likely).

Secondly the raid was conducted by the IP office Investigation Directorate, which has existed for many years but only properly consituted with a tiny budget a year or so ago. Until recently only the police could run raids, and a combination of difficulty dealing with the police and corruption meant this was an extremely difficult process. As a result the number of raids is miniscule cuasing great IP holder frustration. At a EuroCham meeting on Monday IP Office officials hinted that the Investigation Directorate would be expanded further in 2012.

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