Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Philippines - new IPR court procedures

The Philippines Supreme Court (SC) has issued new guidelines on intellectual property rights (IPR)  cases. The court, in a resolution on October 18 approved the Rules of Procedure for Intellectual Property Rights Cases prepread by the IP Office. 

The SC will designate certain regional trial courts to hear civil and criminal IPR cases. Certain Metro Manila courts will be able to issue nationwide criminal search and seizure writs. The guidelines have been modeled on the rules of procedures of commercial cases, and aim to speed cases up. For example, certain delaying motions can no longer be made and confiscated goods can now be destroyed immediately even while the case is still pending to stop storage costs. 

The creation of special IP courts is an opportunity to fix the Philippines IP legal system which sorely needs it. See here and here for IP Komodo's previous rants about the slow pace of IP justice in the Philippines.

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