Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thailand's domestic IP struggles

A WSJ article about infringement of Thai IP illustrates the classic developing country IP conundrum. Thai IP owners suffer just as much as foreign companies, but it's the luxury items sold from sidewalks to tourists that hit the headlines.  Some interesting examples of infringement of local IP and growing awareness and desire to own IP are cited.
Propangandist, a distinctive lighting maker is taking action against copycat lamps. See this picture of it's unique lamps.
Thai music publisher, GMM Grammy says it is preparing lawsuits to collect performance fees from musicians who routinely play famous music as part their cover repertoires. The musicians are fighting back claiming a longstanding tradition of local cover music.
A local TV station Blue Sky claims copyright in whistles shaped as lightning bolts, commonly an antigovernment symbol. 
It is not all bad news as the IP recognition given to Thailand's Siam Cement Group shows - see here.
It has long been a tragedy that local creative industries in South East Asia are ignored by their governments. They often have the least resources, understanding and capability to stop IP problems.  

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