Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thailand's IP strategy

IP Komodo always praises countries with clear IP policies. In SE Asia, some emerging economies struggle to find a direction for IP. Thailand, often a leader, has a national IP strategy is called the Creative Economy initiative. It aims to help Thailand transition to an innovation-driven country. A 20-year plan being drawn up. A series of key industries will be the first stage focus to establish a leading industrial position in SE Asia. Thailand is already strong in agriculture, vehicles and IT. The next step is to drive IP creation in these sectors, and the goal is for these sectors to lead innovation initially in SE Asia, then later further afield internationally. Ambitious plans indeed. 

And Thailand is developing some interesting national IP champions. Siam Cement Group (SCG) is one example. SCG seems to have embraced IP as a driver of business growth. Its corporate technology office is the business unit for technology and IP management at SCG. SCG can be seen at leading IP events around the region alongside some of the biggest global technology companies.

Another example is the widespread embrace of GIs by Thai agricultral and handicraft industries - see the link on the right for Thailand GIs for reports on this.  

Could it be that Thai government IP policy and on the ground results are in fact coinciding?

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