About Indonesia

Indonesia is the world's 4th largest country by population. A former Dutch colony, known in history for it's spice islands, it is a vast archipelago of approaching 250 million people, 18,000 islands and 700 languages.  Major islands are Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan (which is most of what was called Borneo) and others include Papua, Sulawesi and Bali. The capital is a Jakarta. It is predominately Moslem but every major religion is represented. Since the dictator of 30 years, Soeharto was overthrown in 1998, it has been the world's 3rd largest democracy. 

The largest economy in Southeast Asia has a GDP over $500 billion, and as the world's 19th largest economy, is a G20 state. Major industries include pulp and paper, palm oil, textiles, oil, gas, coal, tin and rubber. It suffered no economic downturn in the recent recession, with growth driven by local consumer demand. Business is good, people are getting wealthier and the economy is pounding along.

The legal system is weak; while laws exist, although some still need updating from colonial times, enforcement is very poor. Corruption is the worst in SE Asia. Komodo dragons roam.