Thursday, February 22, 2018

Online protection in Indonesia

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News about Indonesia’s cyberblocking system may interest IP holders.
The government launched a web crawling system developed by telecoms company Telkom (which is part state owned and part public) to identify illegal digital content. It started operations in January, with 44 servers crawling the web for undesirable content on the web and other internet platforms. Alerts are created and inappropriate material is blocked. So far the main focus has been pornography. The Ministry of Communication and Information oversees the project and they blocked 72,407 pornographic sites in January.  Other areas they look at are illegal gambling and incitement to crimes (especially terrorism related).
The same ministry is also able to  remove content based on complaints from the public (e.g. social media problems), or rights holders for infringing products.
Fake news and online hoaxing is also a problem. This week the Police Directorate of Cyber Crimes arrested a teacher for using Facebook to spread fake news story that the Indonesian Communist Party (a banned old bogeyman of Indonesia’s political past) was coming to slaughter Muslims.
There may be ongoing concerns about censorship and too much control by the government, but rights holders will  be encouraged that the country’s online activities are improving and in some ways better than offline enforcement.


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