Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blockchain and IP in SE Asia

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Everyone is getting excited by the Blockchain’s application to IP. Copytrack is a Singapore based business that hopes to revolutionise image based copyright licensing, by creating a secure blockchain based log of rights based information for a photograph. Even more, your camera’s metadata can be automatically integrated into the system. Then licensing and royalties can be claimed through an online enforcement mechanism.  They hope to expand into other content like music and text.
Vietnam is a hotspot of blockchain development. The Vietstock Blockchain Summit was held last week. Bitcoin is part of the story, but Vietnamese companies are also working on copyright verification systems on the blockchain, such as Copyrobo which has operated a web- and app-based service which can provide timestamped evidence of documents, video and music for over a year with its CopyrightKey technology. 
The general consensus is that the next wave of tech giants could come from a coffee shop in South East Asia as much as Silicon Valley. Last week. Google announced an investment in Indonesia’s Go-Jek, alongside Tencent, JD, Sequoia and other VC giants.  What is interesting for the IP industry is the rush of SE Asian companies looking to develop blockchain based IP tools.

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