Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Longstanding Indonesian PRADA dispute settles

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A long trademark dispute between PT. Manggala Putra Perkasa and Prada S.A. has apparently ended in a settlement. Both parties have been in litigation since 2013. Previous details of the dispute are here.

The dispute is over the true ownership of the PRADA trademark. Both parties claimed to be the rightful owner and have rights to use the PRADA mark in Indonesia. Prada S.A. claims to be first user of PRADA in the world since 1913, with well known mark rights. PT. Manggala Putra Perkasa claims to be the rightful holder of a PRADA trade mark registration in Indonesia in class 18 and 25.

Prada S.A. had already been successful in one case to cancel PT Manggala Putra Perkasa’s registrations on the grounds of similarity in principle to their well-known trade mark. After this decision, PT. Manggala Putra Perkasa filed a civil and criminal action against the use of the PRADA mark in their shops in Jakarta.

Under the settlement both have agreed to withdraw all the ongoing lawsuits – one claim from Prada S.A. and three claims from PT. Manggala Putra Perkasa. PT. Manggala Putra Perkasa’s legal representative stated to the press that their side have been negotiating with Prada S.A. outside court. He did not divulge further details.

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