Friday, March 4, 2016

Indonesia starts to fund local IP creation

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Indonesia's Ministry of Law and Human Rights has issued a new regulation No. 4 of 2016 on IP Intellectual Property Incentives.   Its goal is to ease and waive IP registration fees for educational institutions, government R&D agencies, SMEs, GI applicants, and other institutions as a means to encourage more IP creation.

Qualified applicants can seek waivers of official fees for up to three IPR applications. An IP Incentive implementation team at the DGIPR will examine each application and decide whether to grant the IP Incentive. The big question is whether the  process for the application for the fee waiver is worth the costs of making it in the first place. If the DGIPR fee waiver application process is simple the it will be great for SMEs, but if it creates more bureaucracy then it will probably not be worth saving the small costs of the application fees. 
What is also not covered is IP consultants' fees. Many other countries provide financial assistance grants for the advice and prosecution costs of the trademark and patent firms. China even pays some of the costs of international patent filings to encourage its inventors to develop their IP globally. This regulation is at least a first step.


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