Sunday, May 31, 2015

Criminal Copyright challenges in Indonesia

In response a request from the President for stronger enforcement against piracy in Indonesia, the new Chief of Police in Indonesia, Badrodin Haiti told the media last week that due to the changes in the Copyright law (which was amended in 2014) copyright infringement is now a complaint-based crime. Therefore the Police can no longer act alone in taking action against piracy. They need a formal complaint from the copyright owner before they can initiate enforcement action.

The Chief went on to say that there have not been any reports about copyright piracy recently. They had had internal discussions and the expressed the police readiness to combat piracy. Further discussion with the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (responsible for online enforcement) as well as the Creative Economy Agency (responsible for creative industries would follow.

The change in the nature of copyright crimes places a greater obligation on copyright owners to file complaints and prevents the police running their own cases. without reference to copyright owners (perceived to be a problem in the past). The copyright industries don't entirely agree on the best system. Some high profile mess ups were part of the reason some lobbied for a law change. Others wanted the police to maintain action on their own. 

We will see if the copyright industries start filing more complaints now. That will at the same time test whether the police are prepared to undertake cases without requiring payment.

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