Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cybercrime courts in the Philippines

Image result for cybercrimeThe Philippine Department of Justice says a proposal has been submitted to the Supreme Court for the creation of a Cybercrime Court to deal with cases perpetrated in cyberspace. This is contemplated by the Anti-Cybercrime Law which mandates having specially trained judges to handle cybercrime cases. 
Cybercrimes are those perpetrated through the internet or through online devices.

Offences can include cyber-espionage and intellectual property theft, cybersex cases and so on. IPR cases represent a threat to business and especially small businesses. Threats to consumers are another risk area such as targeted attacks, mobile threats, malware attacks and data breaches. From January to December of 2014, the Philippine National Police's Anti-Cybercrime Group recorded 614 cybercrime incidents, compared to 2013 having only 288 incidents.

IP owners will be interested since the general Philippines courts are very slow for IP cases. Cases are appealed repeatedly without penalty so the average criminal case can last a decade. Specialist courts might help improve this. 

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