Thursday, July 17, 2014

Customs seizures in the Philippines - local brands too!

The Philippines Bureau of Customs made some interesting statements about another Customs seizure. More border seizures of goods from China illustrate how widespread counterfeiting is and the trade with China being the predominant problem for SE Asian countries.

Last week the BOC confirmed they had confiscated P556 million worth of counterfeit products various brands, including Nike, adidas, H&M, Prada, Aeropostale, Michael Kors. Also seized was footwear bearing the local brands Onesimus and Una Rosa. The goods were all misdeclared as unbranded.

The interesting part is that Customs expressed concern about Filipino brands being counterfeited. "What is alarming to us is that even local brands are victims of counterfeiting which will cause more harm to our entrepreneurs, causing them to become unprofitable and unproductive, which, in the end, may threaten hundreds of jobs," said Willie Tolentino, BOC's  Enforcement and Security Service director.

Its great that they realise this, but worrying that they may have thought that only foreign brands are affected!

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