Monday, May 19, 2014

Modernization of Indonesia's IP office takes its toll

Several things are happening at the IP office in Indonesia right now.  First the IPO is moving from the satellite town of Tanggerang to Central Jakarta. This will enable the IPO to recruit more high caliber professionals, who wouldn't work in a distant town.  The move is taking some time, and files have to travel back and forth at present creating serious delays. 
Secondly there is an automation project ongoing assisted by WIPO. The IPAS software is being installed. They are currently undergoing a massive data migration. This has revealed numerous data errors and gaps which have to be manually completed. It also left the system offline for periods when even examiners could not access the database. Tens of thousands of trademarks and patents currently await examination. 
The net result of all this is likely to be short term delays, a climb in pendency and periods when files may be inaccessible.  Obviously the long term goal is to improve pendency and data quality, once the new system is running well and all the functions can take place online from Jakarta.

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