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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Indonesia's trademark law amendments

Indonesia is still going through the process of amending its trademark law.  It has been a long time in the works, with several rounds of amendments. It is presently held up by the elections, taking place in 2014. Key changes are:
  • Allowing non traditional trademarks
  • Late renewals will be possible with an additional fee. Renewals may be refused if the mark is not in use, or conflicts with a famous mark.
  • Quicker examination of marks, by combining opposition with examination 
  • International registrations under the Madrid system to cover Indonesia will be possible.  
  • Electronic systems are to be introduced for filing and searching
  • More detailed provisions on temporary injunctions are specified
  • Increased criminal penalties, with additional penalties for health/safety related infringements

Parliament will hold public hearings on the draft, when it is tabled probably in early 2015, along with accession to the Madrid Protocol.

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