Friday, April 25, 2014

New GI deal between Indonesia and EU in the works

Indonesia plans a geographical indications (GI) treaty with the EU. So far, 2 dozen GI registrations have been made in Indonesia. However GIs benefit their communities economically when they are marketed. The registration is merely the legal protection for that. So while 3 foreign GIs, Champagne, Pisco and Parmigiano Reggiano are now registered in Indonesia, that is because these foreign products are already marketed and sold.
The 20 or so domestic GIs already registered need more commercial exploitation to be economically effective.  A few older ones like Kintamani coffee are already successful branded businesses. But many others are lesser known and need more effective marketing. These include Muntok white pepper from Bangka Belitung, or Adan Krayan rice from Kalimantan Borneo). The proposed treaty hopefully will help them develop their businesses, including export markets to Europe. As yet none have been registered in Europe, which is a critical first step.


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