Monday, February 10, 2014

Philippines Customs seizure reports mask the real lack of border activity

IP holders have been hoping for some years for improvements in the Philippines Customs Border IP protection system. But still border seizures remain rare. Instead inland seizures continue to be made by the Customs authority. On Friday they raided warehouses in Pasay and ParaƱaque Cities and seized counterfeit baby shampoos, baby wipes, shoes, apparel and perfumes. All appear to be from China.

It sounds impressive. However it begs the question how did the goods enter the country without Customs intercepting them? Customs essentially exercised an inland jurisdiction to seize these goods. The generally held belief is that in such cases arise due to suspicious practices in shipment, smuggling and the like. Customs use informants to look for non payment of duty by importers. Then they claim any fakes found as IP interceptions. 
Which begs the question why aren't they looking at the goods before they pass over the borders?

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