Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Global IP Index 2013

GIPI4 2013 Law firm Taylor Wessing does a survey of IP jurisdictions around the world and this years' report here has widened the countries included to 36. Now 3 SEA countries featured. Based on a mix of surveys of companies and IP firms and hard data such as speed of examination and court decisions, it provides a relative picture of the confidence of users of the IP systems. Its not great news for SE Asia however.

Singapore fares well, in tier 2 at 12th place. It does especially well for copyright protection, but is marked down for tough new rules on data protection. Upcoming patent examination improvements could help Singapore move up the ranks.

Thailand appeared for the first time, at 26th. Cited positives were the DIP's activities, copyright regime modernization, the introduction of Madrid and the ability to challenge patent validity.

Indonesia appeared in its first showing, in 34th place in the 5th tier, cited as an important market but one where insufficient enforcement hampered progress. Few details were provided.  

IP Komodo observes that these seem reasonably accurate conclusions.

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