Monday, December 16, 2013

Filipino designer fights copycat furniture

Kenneth Cobonpue is an award winning Filipino designer of furniture, using natural products. His designs have appeared in Hollywood movies. Last week the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) raided two stores in Taguig and Cavite, Metro Manila and seized products allegedly imitating his furniture. In the raid Cobonpue's representatives identified six original Kenneth Cobonpue designs that were copied among the 30 or so items found, including his famous 'Yoda chair'. The case is getting a lot of press because few local designers have brought such cases before.
Cobonpue said for the past four years, his lawyers have been sending notices to shops and distributors selling fake copies. More than half, came to the table and signed an agreement to stop copying or selling knockoffs. The management of these 2 business, however, had been repeatedly ignoring the notices.
Cobonpue plans to file a criminal complaint for copyright infringement. His mother was also a furniture designer who was repeatedly copied.

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