Sunday, September 29, 2013

Philippines pirate software case - copyright is just the start

An outsourcing business in Manila has been raided for using pirated Microsoft computer software. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) sought a search warrant from the Manila Regional Trial Court to search John Ernest Connecting Continents (JECC) for pirated software. They found fake Windows XP and Office 2007 valued at P16 million (USD370,000).

JECC, apparently provides outsourcing services to US health care, pharmaceutical, real estate, and banking clients. The chief of the NBI IPR Division was quick to point out that use of unauthorised software is risky for outsourcing operators who handle sensitive data adding that there are virus related risks.

Apart from the IPR crimes, the NBI boss identified that there are risks to the company of losing travel rights from the Philippines, visa access to the US and possible tax investigation risks.IP Komodo was curious to see the myriad of other threats outside the copyright arena being raised. All of course accurate but rarely used tools for IPR crimes. 

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