Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thailand seek GI protection in Vietnam

Thailand is an active protector of its GIs (click on the Thailand GI link below right for more news). Now it is expanding protection in the SE Asian region too, by seeking a GI certification for Thai silk in Vietnam. The function of GIs is to enable recognition for producers which can be leveraged in the international market. It is an underutilized IPR tool for businesses in SE Asia, given the vast number of products made in specific locales across the continent. Thailand is impressing in its widespread use of GIs.

Pajchima Tanasanti, director-general of the IPD said "Thai silk...produced in the Northeast of Thailand, has a unique texture. GI certification will promote the fame of Thai silk, but also result in added value for farmers and producers." 

Thai policy has been to seek certification first for agricultural products around the world, but that is now being expanded to handicrafts. This will be the first Thai handicraft product to receive a GI certification from abroad. The Thai Queen is a backer of the Thai silk industry.

In Vietnam 35 GI certifications have been registered. They include Peruvian pisco and Scotch Whisky but most are domestic. Vietnam has also sought a GI regstration in Thailand for its Buon Ma Thuot coffee. Of the GIs registered in Thailand this is the first from another ASEAN state.

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