Saturday, June 15, 2013

Philippines legal system targets P2P torrent sites

A website offering illegal downloads of TV, film and music content has been shut down under a civil court order. The Philippines Association of the Record Industry Inc. (PARI) represents various music companies. PARI filed a case for copyright infringement with the IPO's Bureau of Legal Affairs (using its administrative IP litigation system) about's unauthorized use of original Filipino music. The IPO BLA issued a TRO last week and served it on dotPH Domains Inc. leading to the website being shut down.  The case will continue on to trial to hear the damages claim.  
The operator of was allegedly KickassTorrents which is said to operates the site on another domain,  Difficulty targeting the operator is why PARI targeted the ISP. IPO director Ricardo Blancaflor indicated that the IPO intended to continue targeting online copyright infringers.

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