Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vietnam seeks to improve Customs enforcement

Vietnam Customs' Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department issued an open letter last week to rights holders informing of their plans to improve Customs monitoring in Vietnam. Customs say that they are carrying out an intensive control plan to strengthen anti-smuggling, anti-counterfeiting and anti-infringing goods actions in relation to imported products. They will focus on fashion items, health related products (e.g. cosmetics, pharmaceuticals), toys and games etc, until the end of 2013.  Accordingly, Customs will step up container inspections.

They invite all rights holders to provide recordal information including on previous suspected targets. Its not clear if this is a response to the USTR report, or whether this had been planned previously.

Whatever, IP Komodo notes that Customs in Vietnam are quietly moving up the league table to the top tier of active countries in South East Asia. IP holders should be moving quickly to record their rights.



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