Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Thai GI certifications sought in Europe

Hot on the tails of Hom Mali rice (see here), come 3 more Thai applications for GIs in Europe. The products are: Sung Yod Rice from Phatthalung Province in Southern Thailand, as well as "Doi Chang" coffee and "Doi Tung" coffee from the north of the country.

Pajchima Tanasanti, director-general of the Thai Intellectual Property Department reported to media that the application for Sung Yod Rice will be filed when he visits Brussels this week. The rice is known for its high nutritional content as well as being the Thai Queen's favorite! Meanwhile the two coffees Doi Chang and Doi Tung come from the hills of Chiang Rai - these applications have been filed and are awaiting GI certification from the EU.

Thailand impresses with the sophistication of its appreciation that creating IP leads to more valuable commercialization of the underlying product.

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