Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indonesia's IP law drafting process

Indonesia's various IP laws have been undergoing amendment for some time. After a first round of drafting, the drafts bills were at one point scheduled for passing by Parliament by including them in the 2012 National Legislative Schedule (called Prolnegas).

Then they were called back and in December further amendments have been made. Informal consultations continue. In theory soon they will be sent back to be scheduled in Prolnegas for enactment. However the 2013 legislation schedule is already running and the Penal Code is taking priority. The IPO has expressed some pessimism at their inclusion this year.

But time ticks away now to the 2014 presidential elections, so there is an increasing risk that it will be too late to schedule the amendments before the election. So in practice it means they probably won't be passed until 2015. That is the date when the ASEAN economic community starts; as well as the deadline for Madrid accession. The IP office is therefore also worried they will not be ready to put Madrid in place.

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