Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Asia's next top model (IP system)

Around this time of year it's time to dress up nicely and make your IP system look good in anticipation of the US government's April Special 301 report. 

In the Philippines, the government announced a crackdown on fakes by the NBI. Millions of fakes were seized and 40 or so traders have been charged. That sounds good right?

Thailand however went one step further. It is traditional to collect and destroy all the fake good seized in recent months in April, hoping the USTR judges will be swayed by such impressive efforts.   The Thai trump card was however to arrange for famous model and former Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova to help destroy the fakes. The deputy commerce minister led the charge, alongside the beauty queen, in the beach region of Phuket and they smashed, ripped, slashed and hacked millions of dollars worth of fake goods. The sight of Natalie brought the media flocking.

But will it make the USTR take them of the Priory Watch List? Find out in April!


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