Saturday, January 5, 2013

Creative Industries and copyright protection in Indonesia

IP Komodo has worried that Indonesia's economic bias to resources, combined with a lack of technical R&D leads to a weaker IPR system - see here. One IPR sector that Indonesia is actively seeking to develop is the digital and entertainment economy. Former Trade Minister, now Minister of Tourism and the creative economy, Mari Pangestu, interviewed in Tempo magazine in mid-December, explained her new brief. The creative economy is part of the National Economic plan, modeled on the UK's Department of Culture Media and creative industries.

15 industries representing up to 7% of the economy are prioritized - advertising, architecture, arts, handicraft, design, fashion, film & video production, photography, software and video gaming, music and performing arts, publications, TV, radio, R&D and culinary arts.

But Minister Pangestu specifically worries about the weak protection of IPRs which underpin these industries. IP Komodo concurs; Indonesian artists and creatives have long complained about the lack of proper IP protection (by which they mean enforcement).

Meanwhile a new copyright draft law appeared in early December for industry review. Several previous drafts have circulated; the latest is a result of various contentious discussions about the status of copyright.

It's great to see a government plan to grow these sectors, but other policies still run contrary to this, such as the difficulties in R&D funding and reduction in science education. And the inherent weaknesses in the legal system and corruption will prevent proper enforcement of IPRs for many years to come. At least the digital and creative sectors now have a champion to help them lobby to improve IPRs.

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