Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brand owners withdraw adverts from Vietnam website

Zing mp3
Zing is a portal website from Vietnam with various services from news to blogs. It also allows music downloads and is funded by advertising from big brand owners. It is the 6th most popular website in Vietnam. 

Zing has been negotiating a deal with the Recording Industry Association of Vietnam, the Center for Vietnamese Music Copyright, as well as with local artists. It has also been negotiating with overseas music labels such as Universal and Sony Music. But so far only one deal was done with Universal.
Now word is out that much of the music is unauthorised. Coca-Cola and Samsung have withdrawn their advertising citing IP violation as the reason.  Coca Cola claims its contract with Zing was was signed in the belief that Zing is a licensed website and it had specific confirmation of no IP violations.

The Vietnam Institute of Advertising Research and Training has reacted positively encouraging such actions by legitimate IP holders. They said that it is time for brands to stop paying for advertising in media with poor legal and IP transparency. "This is a lesson for media owners which urges them to be more aware of respecting intellectual property rights," their director said.

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