Monday, August 6, 2012

Thailand acts against illegal sex products

Thai enforcement authorities are going all out to suppress fake items and goods violating intellectual property rights after complaints were lodged by many consumers to the Commerce Ministry says the government in one news report.

Another reports that Thailand's Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has seized sex stimulants and other sex products worth over 100 million baht (US$3.16 million) in Bangkok. They included 326,760 packs of sex stimulants and 9,365 packs of sex toys. These were found in raids at 13 warehouses in the Chinatown on July 28. The news reports state that the DSI chief said such items were highly dangerous to society, and the raid would impact the illicit sexual goods business in Thailand. Apparently such activities are incompatible with Thai morals.

Another crackdown, another shocking expose of fake goods on sale! IP Komodo is curious who are the consumers who are complaining?!  (Question - should this post be tagged as Household Goods or Luxury Goods?!)

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