Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vietnam's domestic software piracy problem

In May Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism (MoCST) inspectors working with the Hi-tech Crime Police Bureau undertook a number of inspections of Taiwanese firms suspected of using pirated software in Vietnam.  They uncovered  many unlicensed versions of software including the Lac Viet dictionary, which is one of the top English language learner software prograsms. It now regularly tops the list of the pirated software in Vietnam.

It is thought that around six million people use the Lac Viet dictionary. However Lac Viet Informatics Company, the company which created the Lac Viet dictionary, has licensed only numbers in the tens of thousands to use the product - thought to be less than one percent of the total users. The only gain for the company is reputational - the economic returns for developing the Lac Viet dictionary are miniscule as a result of the widespread piracy problem.


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