Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lady Gaga and the fake Rolex

Lady Gaga's act includes a minimum level of controversy of course. Her planned Born this Way Asia tour is no exception. The concerts in Manila and in Jakarta riled all sorts of religious groups and the police are concerned about her impact on local morals so it is not certain she will be allowed to perform.

Meanwhile in more liberal Bangkok, where she has just arrived, she has upset Thais by tweeting about how she plans to buy a fake ROLEX watch when in Bangkok. On a previous trip to Hong Kong she tweeted that she could buy a fake Birkin bag there.

Thai fans have quickly responded.  Some are annoyed by the characterization of their city as a place to buy fakes drawing attention to something seedy and missing the point of Bangkok completely. Others are quick to point out that her CDs are some of the fake items on sale!

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  1. how about fake GAGAs or genuine clones in eastern europe? she should get some when there..