Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nokia sued in Thailand

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A Thai software company called Globetech Ltd, a subsidiary of Thai IT conglomerate CDG Group  has filed a case at the IP & IT Court in Bangkok against 2 companies, Nokia and Navteq.

The case is a copyright claim based on misuse of digital map data owned by Globetech.  The claim is for damages of 540 million Thai Baht, around 17 million USD.  The Plaintiff claims that Nokia's Ovi internet smartphone system incorporates the map data. Globetech has been mapping Thailand for decades and sells a variety of online and paper maps.  Navteq was acquired by Nokia and provides the map software for Ovi.

Globetech initially issued a warning letter and there were some negotiations, but these failed to reach a resolution so Globetech sued.

IP Komodo understands IP/IT court trials take up to 2 years.

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