Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indonesia and Thailand - numbers of civil IP trials

IP Komodo always likes to know how many civil IP cases there are in the courts as it indicates whether businesses will litigate on IP so indcating market value.

A report in Bisnis Indonesia about the Commercial Court sheds light on the number of IPR civil trials. This data is not published by the Commercial Court. In 2010 there were 89 cases recorded at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court, a few more that the 86 2009 cases. That is pretty consistent with previous years IP Komodo recalls. The second city of Surabaya has a Commercial  Court too but it only hears a few IP cases a year. Trademark cases still make up the largest part of the Jakarta docket, with 71 cases being trademark cancellation or non use deletion cases. There were 8 copyright cases, 8 industrial design cases and 2 patent cases.

Meanwhile Thailand despite being a smaller country has its IP/IT court, which in 2011 heard 260 civil IP trials. That is a rise on the 225 in 2010. 155 cases involved trademarks, of which 59 were infringement cases. There were 52 patent cases of which 16 were infringement. The remainder were copyright, trade secret and IP license cases. Apart from the court, which is highly efficient so dispenses high quality justice worth paying for, there is more hi tech manufacturing in Thailand over which disputes do arise.  

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