Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A unique coffee mark

Kopi Luwak is said by connoisseurs to be the finest coffee in all the world. It is certainly some of the most expensive due to its complex production.  It is prepared when domesticated Asian palm civets (left) eat coffee berries and then excrete the beans which are then cleaned and roasted (below right, IP Komodo hopes already cleaned!). The digestion process is said to impart extra flavor to the beans.

Now the Bandung department of agriculture in Java is seeking to register Java Arabica Preanger as a collective trademark. Bandung is in mountainous region of Java, perfect for the civets which like altitude, and so are widely farmed. Each animal processes only a kilo of beans per day. The local government hopes to develop the industry through the new mark.

IP Komodo has tasted it and whilst it is good, he hasn’t yet detected why its flavour is unique!

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